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Competition: How do you stand a chance against Facebook and Co?

a. Many people use the messengers or social networks, with which they can reach most people. Be-cause of our multi-messenger (connect, SMS, mail, Facebook and more services monthly) more people can be reached via connect than via any other service. b. In addition, connect is not comparable to Facebook functionally, optically or respecting its Image, but instead occupies a rapidly developing niche. c. Google, Facebook and Co will never shake off their image as data collectors. connect – and the entire e.com company – positions itself from the outset as the largest advocate of data protection, encryption and privacy. This topic will be particularly significant in the areas of virtual and mixed reality. Many peo-ple are still with Facebook because they do not want to do without their circle of friends – with connectthey don‘t have to. d. Most people use multiple social apps, connect and Facebook are not mutually exclusive. The only question is whether connect offers enough added value and new features – and we say “yes! Definitely.“

USPs: What unique features does connect offer?

a. connect is the world‘s first multi-messenger, which also offers its own messenger service. In addition, it is device-independent and includes verifiable end-to-end encryption, rather than just claiming protec-tion. b. The multi-messenger allows more people to be reached than with any other service. c. With connect the user is in the foreground, which is why the app is free of charge and without unsoli-cited advertising, but still guarantees the highest possible levels of privacy. d. The combination of device independence and multi-messengers results in totally new possibilities, such as writing text messages or mails on the PlayStation or in Virtual Reality. This also applies to media consumption which can also be enjoyed from any device. e. connect will offer more customization and expansion possibilities than any other network. The entire virtual setting can be changed around, users and partners can expand their world. The app is built up using different modules which allow live patches or extensions.

Business Model: How do you earn money?

a. In-app purchases: The user can buy virtual, photorealistic pets with intelligent behavior, games, coll-ectable and conveyable 3D objects, gimmicks (time / weather changes or aircraft with captioned strea-mers, etc.) and lots of other playful content. All content is exchangeable and because of their individual uniqueness will become more valuable. The user buys for example an egg, usually a duckling slips out, sometimes a crocodile and very occasionally a dinosaur baby. All animals are available with more or less common skins. b. Product Placement: The users can set up everything as they choose, we do not force anything on them. But brand name products or furniture will certainly be more popular than the slightly less at-tractive no-name products. This form of subliminal advertising is extremely effective, is consumed for hours, builds (through interaction) a relationship with the consumer and ensures brand loyalty. c. Provision for (VR) shopping: The user can also buy all the objects collected in their virtual home (such as shoes, handbags etc.) in reality. With their avatar, they can try on clothes or test, customize, evaluate and order products in 3D. With our users we bring a whole new target market to our cooperating part-ners and earn with commission while doing so. Or we‘ll be the next Amazon, just with 3D models and VR instead of images – and mediate directly between buyer and producer. d. Media partners can link their existing media content to connect for free, but for statistical data (which content or advertising was consumed by which audience), they would have to complete a cooperating contract with connect. e. Companies can pay for market studies in order to estimate more cost-effectively which product de-sign appealed to a new target audience in a new country or which model of a product was more popu-lar. User feedback can be paid for or deduced from how many users choose a particular model for their virtual world.

Use Cases: Why should users use connect?

a. Multi-Messenger. Device independence combined with access to all networks gives us a usefulness that soon no one will want to do without. Device incompatibility, numerous apps that need to be ins-talled, maintained, and adjusted, all of which are operated differently, and where you lose oversight of your communication, all of this finally comes to an end. b. Multimedia. With minimal effort and without incurring any cost, all media sources from around the world can upload their content to connect. Payment systems for fee based services will provide some commissions for connect, e.g. the virtual daily newspaper, which saves on paper costs. The users will love the simple, intuitive operation with which they have access to for example video chats, vloggers, YouTube, PayTV (Netflix, Amazon Prime...), TV channels, movies, series, live videos, video stories from friends and streaming portals – all from the one spot: our virtual TV. All of this is device-independent and to be shared and enjoyed with friends. c. As an App Aggregator we will not only integrate other messenger services and media content, but also all other digital content like shopping, education, games, services, virtual assistents, travel and much more. Users save a lot of time and effort if they get all interesting content in one app instead of downloading and searching hundreds of different apps. Just think of Amazon - why should a user find and search millions of shopping providers on millions of different webpages instead of having all the information at one place? The same principle is true for all digital content. d. connect has a clean image and an absolute, unconditional customer focus. If people love our app, we will have many users and with many users our business models work. We can remain free of charge permanently, protect data, remain free of unsolicited advertising and maintain our customer focus. This is why our users come first and that's something users will notice and miss in other networks that have different approaches (e.g. a focus on big data and advertising). e. High levels of customization and expandability allow each user to customize connect so that its con-tent, functionally and appearance are to their own specifications. In a 3D space, there are much more customization possibilities than in a 2D app. Various 3D settings, objects, and decorating possibilities will come from partners, e.g. Walt Disney might have an interest in introducing a Star Wars setting, which the user buys for free or for a minimal charge. Or IKEA might display their furniture. We will be able to satisfy many different tastes with very little cost and own effort. VR is here to make your luicid dream becoming real - and users will love to create their own worlds and share it with their friends. f. connect‘s virtual home will be a private retreat for all our users. They will invest a great deal of time and love in order to get everything just as they like it. They will collect 3D models of beloved objects (handbags, watches, art) that they could never acquire in real life. Or have a breathtaking view (360° photos), favorite photos of their friends on the walls or a virtual pet, which is very rare and has been taught, with great effort, special tricks – or example, a photo realistic baby tiger. connect is so legitimate that it not only appeals to gamers, but everyone whose lives are not like their daydream. And they will share their dream with pride with other people (mixed reality, avatars, VR-parties, VR flirting, VR events, meeting stars...). And they will stay in connect, because they will have invested much time, effort and money to create their perfect virtual world.

Marketing: How do you want to become a household name?

a. When our first users send messages to other networks – e.g. emails, SMS or Facebook messages – we will sometimes add the attachment „sent by connect“ to the message with a link to download the app. Those who are not yet familiar with connect and regularly receive messages with this attachment from various other people, they will ask those trusted contacts they why use connect.

b. The same principle applies when sending funny and interesting 360° screenshots, videos, stickers, multimedia links (video sequences, newspaper articles, etc.) or 3D objects. Instead of a 3D object like a rose, a delicious cake or a cute animated pet, a non-connect-recipient (e.g. a Facebook contact) would get a video and the information that this object is reserved for him until joining connect.
c. The media interface in connect is free for all media sources (video, audio, print, internet, VR). In return, we will want regular media reports about connect. We have more than 200,000 media contacts all over the world and in our first Austrian tests, almost 80% have promised a covering story. d. Additional to media, all product placement or VR shopping partners and producer of third party content (for our In-App-Shop for virtual goods like pets, games, scenes, etc.) will also have an interest in making their integrated content – and therefore also us – even more popular (cf. TripAdvisor). e. Our users will be recognizable in public, and so attract other users to connect. This is achieved, using a wide range of very realistic, emotionally triggering ringtones, such as a coin falling, and more than 3 other tricks.
f. We will hold competitions where the best most liked or shared (360°) videos or screenshots from connect, user created fonts, ringtones, etc. are rewarded with virtual trophies, or highly limited virtual prizes (e.g. rare pets). Users will share this stuff in other (social) networks with one click.

Competition: How would you protect yourself against copies and competitors?

a. There is no big competitor who can credibly guarantee privacy. Data protection is still a niche for many services. Hardly anyone leaves a network in which he has already invested (for example with thousands of postings, or a whole circle of friends and conversations) because of the lack of data pro-tection. But in reverse, the subject of data protection is very important for deciding whether to use a new software or not. Our network is so new that no competitor can match its existing product to our system and introducing a new product will mean dealing with huge image problems. b. People always want the original rather than a copy and they despise copycats jumping on the band-wagon. That‘s why none of the many Snapchat clones have been successful, until the integration in Facebook directly (because nobody leaves the network because of the lack of data protection.) c. We are fast. If our head start is big enough, we can no longer be caught up with. As soon as the VR market has reached a certain size, all the big international companies will not want to wait or work with the number 2, they will want their VR shops, product placement or media content to be associated with connect. At that stage we will have the one thing that we are missing now and where the competition is ahead: money. d. Our product is almost finished. In spite of our small team, it will only be a few months until we can fulfill all our promises. We have nearly 4 years of development behind us. e. And we are fast. This is because we do not have large management teams with numerous decision-makers who fear losing their reputation through impulsive decisions nor do we have dependence on shareholders or co-owners yet. Instead we have hundreds of small, good ideas, have found solutions for all the problems, and are years ahead of the competition conceptually. At best, 30% of our ideas have been made public in some form, but we have held back the best ideas as trumps to play at the right time. f. When the competition copies one of our special features, we will release a new improvement we have kept under wraps, which makes our competitors look old again. Snapchat does this very well which has led to their success. g. We have already solved technical problems, which the others have not even thought of yet and which cannot be solved by simply hiring more staff. Not every problem can be divided, in some situations the group performance is only as good as the brightest head in the group. Or the solutions presuppose experiences that we have made and which will cost a certain minimum time even for larger companies. In other large companies decisions are made on the basis of authority and not on the basis of the best idea. Too many cooks can spoil the broth. h. We use state-of-the-art technology (e.g. Game Engine Unity) that is not always suitable for large com-panies but are valuable tools for us to achieve much more with much less effort. Facebook is building its own VR engine, if they are lucky this will be finished in a year and then the actual work can begin.

App-Aggregator: What advantage do partners have from integrating their content into connect?

a. Without effort, costs or risk, their content/offer/service/functions will be available on all devices that are supported by connect (e.g. PlayStation or all 3D/VR/AR devices – so Web 3.0). b. They reach new target groups without any costs, e.g. (a) because of the support of new and niche devices (like PS 4), (b) because our users become aware of especially smaller, unknown providers (complete comparison and overview of all different providers, cf. Amazon – just for all digital content), (c) because their brand, image and app design won’t limit their target groups anymore since our users can customize everything (including the UI) to get the perfect fit for serious business men as well as children (cf. Twitter vs. SnapChat: similar functions, but both still limited to their main target group), and (d) because we eliminate one of the biggest problems all smaller providers have: nobody wants to use them as long as they have too few users or a too limited offer (but integrated and combined in a meta network, that’s unimportant). The big providers will be integrated by us (API) and the smaller ones benefit the most and will integrate themselves. c. Gamification (virtual worlds, everyone builds his personal lucid dream and shares it with his friends) will increase the retention period, allow subliminal advertising (e.g. drink Red Bull to fly) or shopping product customization (industry 4.0) and will make it easier to share integrated content with friends (exciting VR/AR/3D experience & sharing via Multi-Messenger). d. With the explicit permission of our users (they would get a part of the income or/and virtual goodies) our partners could also benefit from all the data we can collect by having a meta-network in a virtual world with behavior observation. But data protection and privacy are the reason we are creating connect and they will also be an important long term USP against Facebook & Co, so it is the user’s choice if we not only collect all content but also all data.

Go-To-Market: What's your Go-To-Market-Strategy in short?

a. We will focus on VR and PlayStation first, because there is almost no competition yet, we can easily reach Millions of (PS 4 or VR) users and the value for partners to integrate their content is high, because they surely don’t address this market yet (e.g. there are currently almost no messaging and social media/networking solutions available for PS 4 and VR). b. At the same time, we focus on our Multi-Messenger as simple smartphone app, because there is no competition but a high user value for billions of users. Our Multi-Messenger has the potential to become a must-have app for all smartphone users (prototype ready). c. Unlike our Social-VR-competition, we are not dependent on VR and can build a much bigger user base until the technology breaks through, which we can then easily convert into VR users at the right time (and with the support of promised media coverage as return for our integration), because our users can switch between 2D, 3D, VR and AR at any time and on any device without closing the app. We want to surprise the competition and therefore prepare everything perfectly before we draw attention and use all our trump cards to trigger a wave that will not flatten out again. So you won't hear much from us before we're ready. Find more details in our online pitch deck: https://4invest-e.com/pitch-deck




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