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One Pager for App-Aggregator & Metaverse “connect”


What’s the biggest value of the Internet and apps? – Content! Users want content!

What’s the reason for most problems in our digital life? – The “hurdle of providers”. Users search for content, but they find providers and are often forced to install numerous apps – which all look and work differently (and for some devices not at all) – or to register before they can find out whether the new provider has the content they are looking for.

Solution: As a meta-network, connect integrates all other networks and all content into only one single app: communication services, social networks, media, games, all types of services, shopping, etc.

connect works on every device and makes all content accessible in a few seconds, regardless of the provider. E.g. find all video content in only one video player or all friends in only one list or chat.


To make this new interface as intuitive, expandable and customizable as possible, connect optionally(!) looks like a virtual world and is therefore also 3D/VR/AR-capable and ready to become the starting point for Web 3.0 (and it makes integrated content device-independent and ready for the future too).


As a Multi-Messenger e.g. used in 2D on an ordinary smartphone, connect may become a must-have app for billions of users – which can easily be turned into VR/AR users when the timing is right. On the PlayStation we can reach 110 million 3D- & 4 million VR-users without competition.


Video (most relevant investors information)

Online-Pitch-Deck (recommended on PC)

Download Pitch-Deck (PDF, use on mobile)


connect has a very high value for all Internet users (e.g. as Multi-Messenger & App-/Content-Aggregator), is extremely scalable (all devices, 2D, 3D and optional(!) VR/AR), has a huge margin (30-200 € ARPU from 8 revenue streams), very low & flexible costs (since we automatically integrate content instead of creating content) and strong USPs – so it’s worth a closer look, because this combination is rare.

In addition to investors & advisors, we are also looking for media partners (free integration of your content if you report about us), influencers (we have a great offer for you!) and B2B-partners (product placement or VR shopping in a virtual world or third-party content from other developers to offer more in-app purchases).

Interested? Then please – before forgetting it – write us a 10-seconds-mail and we’ll send you some more information. Nothing to lose and a lot to gain, thank you!

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